Wasabi Surprise

Day #097 @SITCOMEX aka Sitcom Excerpt with Test Questions featuring WTVAAQs + PAQ + PGA

When did you first try wasabi? How was the experience? Do you remember? What did you think of it? How did it make you you feel?

Watch this short scene from the 80s sitcom ‘The Nanny’ to see the surprizing effect wasabi has on one unsuspecting eater.

It is DEFINITELY not what you think.

After watching the clip, answer the vocabulary and comprehension questions underneath then check your recall.
wasabi face

Activity#1 @WTVAATQ aka
Watch The Video And Answer The Questions

Activity#2@PAQ aka
Practice Asking Questions

Listen to the questions first then  repeat. Check the accuracy of your pronunciation.  

Activity#2@PAQAGA aka
Practice Asking Questions
And Giving Answers

Check that you have understood the content.

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Activity#3@TAT aka
Transcript And Translation

Translation  courtesy of Mari 

 nYou’ve had sushi before haven’t you, Nanny Fine..
 mOh Yeah! Sure, sure sure sure…Huh! Smells like fish here. Oh look! Samples . Tastes a little rubbery.
 You’re eating the display 
 nYou’re turning into my mother. You know. Once she ate a half of a plastic Oreo cookie before she realized it was a refrigerator magnet…. 
Ms Babcock. Did you you ever think that a guy was coming onto you and it turns out that he really had no interest in you at all?
 mOh! Happens to me all the time.
 nHmmmmmmmmm. So, what’s the green stuff?
 mIt’s Wasabi. It’s like mustard.
It gives it a real kick.
I love mustard. 
So, tell me. How’s working with Marvin Hamlisch?
 mHow should I know? I’ve never met the man.
 nWell. What about that picture in the paper? 
 mOh Nannifine….I know the editor. 
 mThe entire cover was a fake.
 nYou mean Pepe didn’t fly the plane?
mNanny Fine. You’ve got to help me. You have to get Maxwell to ask me back. 
 mPlease Nanny Fine. You’ve just got to do this for me. For all time’s sake. We go way back. 
 mRemember that time you ate the rubber shrimp? Hahaha Gha Gha haaaaaaaa… 
 nGee! You know that mustard really clears up the nasal passages. 
 nI LIKE it. I wonder how long it’s going to last.
 n ナニ−ファイン、寿司を食べたことがあるんだよね…
 m そうさ!もちろん、もちろん、もちろん…おお!魚の臭いがするな。ああ、見て!サンプルだ。味は少しゴムっぽいね。
 n 君は母さんみたいだよ。知ってるよね?母さんはプラスチックのオレオクッキーを冷蔵庫のマグネットだと気づかないで、半分食べちゃったことがあるんだ…

 m ああ!そんなのよくあることだよ。
 n ふーん。で、緑のは何?
 m わさびだよ。マスタードみたいなものかな。これがまた強烈なんだ。
 m そんな事わかんないよ。彼にに会ったことがないからね。
 n そうか。新聞の写真はなんなの?
 m ああ、ナニフィー…編集者と知り合いなんだよ。
 m 表紙は全部でっち上げだよ。
 n ぺぺは飛行機を操縦しなかったってこと?
m ナニ−ファイン。助けてよ。マクスウェルに私を戻すように言ってよ。
 m ナニ−ファイン、お願いだよ。私のためにやってくれ。今までのこともあるし、昔からの仲だろう。
 m ゴムのエビを食べた時のこと覚えてる?はははガ

 n げっ!マスタードは鼻の通りを良くするの知ってた?
 n 良いね。いつまで続くかな。

What about You? Tell Us!

How was YOUR Experience?

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Have you ever tried wasabi? 

When was it?  

How was the experience? 

Do you remember? 

What did you think of it? 

How did it make you you feel? 

Mark the lesson as complete



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