Free English Course: 7-Days To English Success

English Success

:-> Memorizing an Inspirational Quote
:->Using Memory Images, plus Audio & Text  Recycling
:->Matching Stress and Rhythm
:->Empowering Your Voice
:->Learning How to Match Difficult Sound Combinations
:->Listening then Matching Audio Qs & As;
:->Filling in Blanks (Exciting Stuff!!!!)
:->Dragging and Dropping Words to Learn Grammar thru the Back Door;
:->Successfully Completing Dictation Exercises;
:->Reading Sentences Aloud then Checking;
:->Conversing with an Alien;
:->Shooting the Breeze with a TransDimensional Entity;
:->Learning How to Guess Questions from Answers;
:->Learning How to Guess Answers from a Questions;
:->Learning How to Distinguish between Similar Sounds;
…………………………………………..and much more.

Approx. (or average) duration (for Late-Beginner Level): 140 Min  + 2 Min warm-up + cool down each session 

day memorizequote

Day #01 @MAAQs aka Memorizing Motivational Affirmations & Quotes

Need Inspiration? Get it here! 26 Words

Feel the POWER in your voice, in your body and your mind and your SOUL as you LISTEN and REPEAT

Listen as many times as necessary to memorize this reminder of who is responsible for success in English and your life.

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day memorizequote

Activity #01.1

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INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to the following excerpt from an interview with  Oprah Winfrey. Then, using the Memory Images provided (or your own) memorize it!  

Activity #01.2

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Read and say the words, matching the stress and rhythm patterns of Oprah Winfrey’s voice

Activity #01.3

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Fill in the gaps with the missing words. If you cannot remember them, return to video and LISTEN and REPEAT until you CAN!!!

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Day #02 @TAYHT Talking about Your HomeTown

Your first task here is to match the Questions or Statements with their NATURAL and logical responses. Q&AAM aka Question &  Answer Audio Matching

YOu follow up this with the Activity 2.2- a  Low-Level Grammar and Comprehension Check. 

Activity #2.1

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In this variation of the common Concentration Memory Game Grid, there are 4 Qs and 4 As. Your task here, a relatively easy one, is to match them up. 

Activity #2.2

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Straightforward Drag and  Drop Activity with no hidden traps. Don’t forget to Ask and Answer in a LOUD and CONFIDENT voice.

Activity #2.3 RYV-QO:-
aka-Record-Your-Voice: Questions Only

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Some common everyday questions here to help you play with your voice, not just for your daily life, but also IELTS
Imagine that the person you are speaking to is not your typical human. He (or IT or SHe or THEy) are from another dimension, another universe ..
Enunciate your questions LOUDLY and with enthusiasm: a GOD in your voice and FIRE in your heart.  **!!! ONLY IN SPECIAL BROWSERS

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londonFlatStyle bw

Day #03@ Random Miscellany of Tasks

A random selection today. Three miscellaneous tasks.



ie TRAIN your vocal apparatus to say things in English 

1) it is NOT used to SAYING; and

2) it DOESN’T LIKE saying; and
3) it WANTS to SAY BETTER and
so they work in harmony and play at a level where they are comfortable with themselves and each other.

londonFlatStyle bw

Activity #3.1@HUMHOL
aka Humdrum (i.e.) Holidays

icon instruction

Topic: Humdrum Holidays 
Practising simple past tense
From the award winning app* feel of the language.
Grab a copy for yourself and
YOU be the JUDGE
* **The only award the HumDrum Holidays app has won is the one that I awarded to it: 
for the least interesting, least downloaded and most boring app in the App world ..
Another variation of the common Concentration Memory Game Grid; in this one, there are 12 Qs and 12 As.
Match them up.

Activity #3.2 @TTT
aka Tongue Twisting Talk

icon instruction

The Alien AI underpinning the voice recognition technology here is a temperamental creature.
MAKE your voice LOUD and CLEAR! 
the sounds !


Activity Bonus #3.3 from @LOSTE #5 >>H2R:>MATE
aka How to Read
Mathematics, Algebra,
Trigonometry Equations

icon instruction
Instructions from the "Learn Other Subjects Thru English"

I’m no mathematicion and don’t have a good head for numbers but I am aware of the ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE of the basics. And so HERE …SOME OF THEM ARE!

…How do you say!…
…Read Out Loud! …

…Say the following!…

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MULTI taskGirl

aka Build Your Own Dialogue / Shadowing Practice Combination

Engage with several variations of two signature ArtyEnglish activities: re-use, re-cycle & re-enact the language in myriad of ways. The first two, at their core, are basically just Listen and Repeat Exercises- though to facilitate and optimize learning, you can do a few things with the vid:
Speed it up! Slow it down!
Instant Replay of selected bits…
(Getting only what you need to in the repetition)
FEEL the POWER of the words
and the POWER of your VOICE
as you say them


Activity #4.1: SHAPRA:>Responses ONLY

Listen, Recognize and Repeat the Responses. Repeat as many times as necessary to reproduce  as GOOD AS YOU CAN.. at this time

Activity #4.2:
SHAPRA:>Questions ONLY

Listen, Recognize and Repeat the Questions. Repeat as many times as necessary to reproduce  as GOOD AS YOU CAN.. at this time

Activity #4.3: BYOD:>

This is how one Spanish student built her own dialogue, adding a few creative little touches to give it her own personal stamp. 

  • Memorizing an Inspirational Quote using Memory Images,
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Day #05 @BaBUB aka Brilliant & Banal University Banter

Whatever you think of the strange and sometimes indecipherable language that college students speak, there is no escaping it; you have to understand it.
Today’s exercise may help. BECAUSE (slow but eerie drum roll)

If you can’t beat them, you gotta join them!


Activity #5.1 @SynVid
aka Synergistic Video

icon instruction

Instructions are embeddded into the video itself and are basically self-explanatory

Activity #5.2@STMP
aka Short Term Memory Practice:>
Game#2 (Audio ONLY)

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Yet another variation of the Statement / Response  array of activities. Here, a much neglected component of your formal English training your mission is to give your Brain a workout ; This game will train your brain to retain more in your Short Term ie WORKING  Memory


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Day #06 @TATWAK aka
Talking About Things With All Kidz

Today’s session requires a no-nonsense, rapid, quickfire approach

 Kids have the most ultra sensitive BS detectors of all human so you are advised to proceed with caution.

Activity #6.1 @CVAV
aka Creative Visualization & Vocalization
TOPIC: Talking with Kids re Favourite Things

icon instruction

A modus operandi x 2 here. 
Method #1
:  Switch off audio and from the images alone decide which answer corresponds to which question.
Method #2: With audio on, listen to  Qs and As then decide which answer corresponds to which question

Activity #6.2 @TWAT
aka Talking With A Twat
TOPIC: Getting to Know Someone (or something)

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Day #7 @DONDAT aka Day Of Not Doing A Thing

I strongly urge you to do as MrDoNothingDo….
Practise Doing Nothing
in a Productive and ProActive Way.

If you  can’t do nothing then there is one thing you might want to have a go at…

A little QUIZ on the pagan-solsticial/ shamanic/ pre-christian festival we call                                    Christmas


Activity #7 @CCCQ aka Christmas Customs / Culture Quiz

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The  !


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