Q#01.1: MAJAAs aka

 Memorizing Amazing Jokes and Anecdotes

A Good News Bad News type of joke , this is an easy one to memorize; (VERY good for your English brain!!) WRITE IT OUT in a notebook specific for the purpose or on a sticky note. Jokes such as these typically begin with:
I have some good news and bad news…….

Activity #1: Listen to Joke

Activity #2: Practise Telling Joke

Q#02: QAMQ aka
Question Answer Matching Quiz

More practice using your audio / visual/ kinaesthetic encoders;more fun to be had at BYOD aka Build Your Own Dialogue


Q#03: OOOH aka Odd One Out Horror

Some figures from our world of timeless literature and music; a short and sweet quiz!


Q#04: LAW aka Listen And Write

Advice on team management from a military strategist, writer, and philosopher. Read more here

Q#05: UMIQ aka Jumbled Inspirational Quote Part 1

Enter your text here...

Rearrange all the words, then drag and drop them into their proper position  to recreate the notable exhortation.

Quiz!! Or Game? Or Both?
Does it even matter?
The point of this is not to test your general knowledge but to get you practice making questions & memorizing common interrogative paradigms….

Qs are very useful when you need some As-very useful in the pursuit of the answers- big and small- knowledge and the like ….


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