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Our Affiliate Program: Promote ArtyEnglish Courses

The continuing education of ourselves and our children is of the utmost importance in our lives. Become an affiliate and promote our short courses on AUTOMATIC RESPONSE, FLUENCY and MEMORY Training. And also CONFIDENCE BUILDING exercises, games, quizzes etc; all kinds of activities. By doing so you can make some extra cash with very little effort on your part. Quite simply, if you like what we do and you think it will be of assistance to others please let them know. We look forward to having you on board.

Earn recurring income with The Magic of English

Benefits of joining our Affiliate Program

Maximize your earning potential from visitors to your website. blog or social media page with little or no cost and effort.
You receive a minimum **33.33% commission each time any of your referrals purchase TheMagicOfEnglish course ie 12 Month VIP Membership
Zero or very low risk opportunity and you can do it from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

How the ArtyEnglish Affiliate Program Works

As an Affiliate, you promote our courses via email, your website or blog or Social Media post.
People click on your links and purchase one of our courses; you earn an attractive commission.
Transaction is processed and a record of referral you can find in your Affiliate account page.


Affiliate marketing is a great way you can make money online. You can earn commission by referring people to either through links in emails, on social media platforms or on your website.

Our affiliate program compensates you when you refer customers to The Magic Of English site who buy any of our courses. We reward you with commission for this.

We offer a commission of a flat rate of 20USD each time someone purchases one of our courses. You are free to market and promote as many courses as you wish on websites, blogs, social media platform and promotional emails.

It’s free. Signing up is totally free. All you need to do is register first.

There are many promotional methods that you can use such as inserting links, placing banners, writing product reviews on your blog or website. We will give you personalized links for you to use in your marketing. Through these links, sales will be tracked. When each of your referral buys our course, you will be rewarded with commission.

To sign up you will be required to fill out a form. When we approve your sign up, we will send you an email to confirm your registration. Join us now!

We are looking for any high quality sites with content related to English studies and that target students at any level from beginner to advanced.

You can promote The Magic Of English on different platforms – blogs and websites, social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn; as well as emails, podcasts and the list goes on.
 As a The Magic Of English Affiliate you get customized shareable links and a variety of effective marketing tools.
Just place them anywhere online and refer traffic to any ArtyEnglish page that best suits your audience. You can use your own marketing content also

Affiliate links contain unique identifiers, allowing us to track anyone directed from your website. Our tracking system captures your URL, which guarantees you are credited for any buyer (FTB) you refer.

The Magic Of English attributes the traffic based on the last click that leads to registration. Meaning:

  1. If a user clicks on your link and registers to  The Magic Of English he/she will be assigned to your account – for life!
  2. If a user clicks on your promotion but didn’t register immediately: a)If the user will later register through a direct link, he/she will be assigned to your account and you will be entitled for the commission (the cookie is valid for 12 months from the first click). b) If the user will later register through any other paid channel, he/she will be assigned to it. For example, if someone was directed to  The Magic Of English from your link and registered, but didn’t make a purchase and then after six months decided to make a purchase, you will still be eligible for commission.

Partner with us

Partner With Us. Join now and become our partner

Terms of Service

Agreement between

The Magic Of English LLC & Affiliate

affiliate agreement is entered into and deemed effective as of [Agreement.Date]
between the following entities, collectively known as the “Parties”:

[Sender.LastName] (Company) and
[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] (Affiliate ).

Appointment and

Magic Of English LLC, heretofore referred to as The Company, agrees to appoint
the Affiliate as a representative for recruiting Members to join The Magic Of
English.. Furthermore, the Affiliate is in acceptance of such
appointment.   The Company will provide the Affiliate unique
promotion code(s) which the Affiliate shall inform potential Members to enter,
which will uniquely identify these members as being attributable to the
contribution and effort of the Affiliate .


Commissions due to the Affiliate shall include all Membership Fees attributable to Paid
Members recruited by the Affiliate, for as long as the Paid Members continue
as paid members of The Magic Of English Platform.

All commissions shall be computed based on thirty-three percent of Net Membership Fees
Revenue after Deduction of all Sales and Value Added Tax the Net Revenue After
Tax received by the Partnership in cash.

All commission payments shall be made in US dollars (converted to your nation’s currency if requested and in accordance with the exchange rate of the date of purchase and will be subject to all government laws including salestaxes, value added taxes and withholdings.

The commission shall be earned upon the Membership Fee payment date and will be due
within 45 days of payment.

Anyrefunds made to the Members may be charged back to the Affiliate with notice
and reasons for such charge back, and the Company is entitled to deduct such
charge back to any commission due to the Affiliate.

A monthly earnings statement will be made available to the Affiliate from the
Company on the 15th of the month following the receipt of Membership Fees,
which will be inclusive of any and all earnings, withholdings, and charge

Sale of Courses and

Company shall publish updated membership fees on its website,
as well as any terms and conditions related to the membership services and/or
courses being sold.

All quotes given by the Affiliate shall reflect the above documents.

The Affiliate will have no authority to offer discounts or any other pricing unless

prior written consent has been obtained from the Company.

Additionally, the Company may change pricing, terms and conditions, with 30 days prior notice
to the Affiliate.

Affiliate Responsibilities

Within 30 days of this Affiliate agreement’s effective date, the Company may assign
the Affiliate with an annual quota considered fair and reasonable and will
consider previous sales, the territory’s economic state, and any additional
territory market situations.

The Affiliate may, at their own expense, deploy advertising or sponsorship

Affiliate will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred from
conducting business within this Affiliate agreement.

Affiliate shall not under any circumstances make any misleading or false
representations regarding the membership services or Company in this Affiliate


[            ]

of _____  /The Magic Of English Partnership]


by [Name]:

    [Date, Month, Year]     

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