Laugh While You Learn English with Classic Situation Comedy

Laugh While You Learn English

SitCom PronProb
SitCom PronProb

In today’s lesson we help you navigate your way round the sometimes tricky double and triple consonant clusters in English words. Pronounce them wrongly, and your friends will be left either scratching their heads or laughing their heads off.

In Activity #1 enjoy an excerpt from a classic situation comedy from the UK from the late seventies. “Mind Your Language”, now considered bigoted, racist, sexist and politically incorrect, was once thought of as just a funny program with everybody having a light-hearted laugh at everybody else’s linguistic foibles.

Then do the activities that follow.

Pronunciation Check

Activity #1.1@Watch and Listen ONLY.

Watch and Listen ONLY. Can you spot the words that are mispronounced or simply misunderstood? 

Activity #1.2@Watch, Listen & Answer the Questions.

In this second watch and listen, listen carefully and answer the Questions as they pop up. There are 10.  If you have problems, check out the transcript

Activity #2@Check Your Pronunciation: Words

Say these words that  contain triple consonant clusters:

Activity #3@

Say these sentences words that contain both double and triple consonant clusters. Be CAREFUL!

Activity #4@ Record and download

Listen to the sample recordings then record and download your own voice



”Principal’s office” 

– Enter 

– Squeeze me please lady. 

– Yes, what is it? 

– l am coming here for to be learning the English. 

– You’re early. 

– Oh, No. l am Ali. 

– l beg your pardon? 

– My name is Ali. Ali Nadim. l am coming for to be learning the English 

– Ah yes, yes! You wish to join our new class – English as a Foreign Language 

– Yes please and l am hopping to be unrolled 

-Hopping to be unrolled?! 

– Like it say in your silly bus.

– You mean HOping to be ENrolled. 

– That is what l said- hopping to be unrolled. 

– Yes, well l’m afraid you cannot be unrolled- enrolled- until the English teacher arrives. She should be here in a few minutes – In the meanwhile, perhaps you’d care to wait in the classroom. Just go down the corridor, turn left at the bottom and wait in room number five.  Understand? 

– No. 

– Well, let’s start again – Go down the corridor ….

– Down carry door 

– Good.  Turn left. 

– Turn left.

– Right. 

– You are confusing me.  Left or right? 

– Left! Look! You just go down the corridor, turn left and wait in room five! Room five! 

– Ah, now l am understanding you now! Room five .

– Yes Jolly good, thank you.

– Oh deary me, l am not going where l am looking. 

-No, no! l wasn’t looking where l was going. 

-That makes the two of us! 

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