SHort Notes

1.  Capital city of Bahrain is Manama. Managua, Maputo and Malé are capital cities of Nicaragua, Mozambique and Maldives respectively.

3. Drums were created in about 1900 in Cuba for Latin American dance bands.

4. Rome’s City Hall is located on Capitoline Hill. The main archaeological area is located on Palatine Hill. The other hills are the Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Quirinal, and Viminal Hills.

5. Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town, Tanzania on 5th September 1946.

6. Their plane took off on 17th December 1903 near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

7. William the Conqueror was the first Norman monarch of England. He reigned from 1066 to 1087.

8. The Cup was held in Australia in January, 2020. Serbia won the tournament defeating Spain in the final.

9. 19*19 = 361 so the square root from 361 is 19.

10. Was an English actress born in London but she was also successful in Hollywood.

11. Toy Story is the first entirely computer-animated film. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures.

12. Expectations was written by Charles Dickens.

13. Christopher Columbus officially arrived at the American continent on 12th October 1492.

14. The Nile is 4,132 miles long. It is 132 miles longer than the Amazon, the second-longest river in the world.

15. The original Sachertorte is a chocolate cake made in Vienna. There is the famous Sacher Hotel in Vienna, too.

16. William Caxton is believed to be the person who introduced the printing press in England in 1476.

17. It is Kaspar the wooden cat. There is a mysterious story about a party of 13 guests after which the host died. That’s why waiters make sure there are never 13 guests at the table.

18. The blue whale is the biggest mammal. It can weigh up to 400,000 pounds.

19. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/second or 300,000 km/sec.

20. The four members of the band all came from Liverpool where they went to school and started their careers in music.


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