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Ten Memorization Hacks to Change your English Learning Habits Forever.

Free chapter* from the 'Holo-MeMe  Memorization System' with some simple mental exercises that will enable you to:

  • Study More Actively and Autonomously
  • Feel More Creative and Resourceful!
  • Maximize Your Learning Potential

Three  qualities of a Memory Image 

that will increase


Visual Punning

Let's assume you know the word brain and you know the word storm; use an image similar to this to remember the act of brainstorming.


The picture of a man hitting himself on his head is one fine image you might mentally create to represent stupidity.


Hmm! Now what was the moral of that Aesop's Fable again? "A friend in need is a ..Never underestimate the power of the......Ugh!!??

“Read more in the pdf on how to create  these Holo-MeMes (or Holographic Memory Images

and utilize them in your memorization & learning strategies.....”

Holo-MeMe Language Memorization Systemの紹介* モジュール#1 /パート#1あなたが学ぶ: 1) あなたが持つクリエイティブな想像力とポテンシャルを最適化するための驚くべき予想外の方法、そして 2) 信じられないくらいに暗記スキルを向上させる方法… または .. 不可能だと思っていたことも…… *pdf ONLY

*There also some accompanying videos

Here’s what 4 famous people might have said about

 this system had they been around.......

“I can't say enough good things about this book......”

“...............As a woman who lived during troubled times, I was of more use as a female warrior in battle than as an English speaking housewife in the kitchen. Nonetheless, there are some interesting ideas in this introduction that I might employ some time on the battlefield.”

- Jomoe Gozen (巴 御前), Software Architect

“........inspires confidence and creativity ...”

“...............The use of images in the memorization process is most definitely one I endorse. 100%!
Needless to say, I use it myself on innumerable occasions. 5 Stars! 'A real gem!'”

- Osamu Tesuka, Engineering Consultant

“My handwriting just seems to getting better and better.......”

“............... It seems like forever that I've been studying English. To no avail. I tried out some of the exercises in the pdf this morning and thought to myself, "Wow! This is great! Hokusai also tried a few out so quite often now we chat to each other in English... I feel much more confident than I felt before..”

- Katsushika Oi, Video Games Animation Architect

Find fault with thyself rather than with others.....”

“........... Before we set up the new paradigm influenced and strengthened by Western ideas, hardly anyone in Japan spoke more than a rudimentary English. With this book the transition from an isolated society to a open one would have been a smoother one.”

- Tokugawa_Ieyasu, CEO Unlimited Finances Ltd and founder of Modern Japan.

Explore combinations of strategies outlined in the free PDF and you can increase* your learning ROI by 400%

"A healthy brain is a happy brain."

30+ Activites to maximize the use of your brain in the English learning process.  Find below just a few immediate and tangible benefits to your brain. Begin enjoying the benefits straight after reading the PDF; hone the following skills:



Getting synapses firing: making the connections and seeing the patterns.

benefit #2


Growing the brain in the most organic way: keeping it  happy, healthy and fit.



Giving the brain miniworkouts: making it more durable, flexible and powerful.


Escape linear, backward, 

horizontal, vertical thinking.

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*Disclaimer: This is an average return. The results and benefit you get from the activities naturally depend entirely on how well you 1) follow the instructions and 2) the extent to which you immerse yourself in them.


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