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Empower Your Voice


Reading or listening to famous quotes by mystics, motivational speakers, and other influential figures can undoubtedly inspire and motivate English learners.

The words of wisdom encapsulated in these quotes are often profound and thought-provoking.

However, simply absorbing these quotes passively may not be enough to fully internalize their meaning and impact.

It is equally important for learners to speak the quotes aloud to themselves, for it is through the power of utterance that the true essence of these quotes can be realized.

Practise Saying The Quotes Below

Do a low tech check on your pronunciation below. No need to take the results too seriously; just play around with your voice a little. See what marvels you can create…..

See here how one woman uses feeling when speaking a foreign language.

Pronunciation Check

Watch the short video and answer the questions below to check your recall and understanding. then check your pronunciation

Pronunciation Check

Quote #11

Quote #12

Quote #13

Quote #14

Quote #15

Quote #16

Quote #17

Quote #18

Quote #19

Quote #20

When learners of English articulate famous quotes, they engage multiple senses. 

They not only see the words, but also hear them and physically feel the vibrations created by their own voice. This multi-sensory experience enhances the memorability of the quotes and strengthens their impact.

 Speaking the quotes aloud also helps learners to develop their pronunciation, intonation, and overall speaking skills, which are vital components of effective communication in English.


Moreover, uttering famous quotes allows learners to internalize the messages at a deeper level. 

When they speak the words aloud, they take ownership of the message and imbue it with their own emotions, beliefs, and interpretations. 

This personal connection facilitates a more profound understanding of the meaning behind the quotes, and helps learners to apply the wisdom in their own lives.


Furthermore, speaking famous quotes can boost learners’ confidence and self-expression. As they hear the sound of their own voice delivering powerful words, they experience a sense of empowerment. 

This can enhance their self-esteem, as they realize their ability to communicate effectively in English. 

Speaking aloud also enables learners to practice self-expression, enabling them to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and emotions with clarity and confidence in various social and professional settings.


To fully harness the benefits of speaking famous quotes, learners can experiment with different techniques. 

They can try reciting the quotes in front of a mirror to observe their facial expressions and body language, or record themselves to evaluate their pronunciation and intonation. 

They can also practice speaking the quotes in different tones, volumes, and speeds to understand how these elements impact the overall message.

 Additionally, learners can pair up with a language partner or a tutor to engage in quote-sharing exercises, where they take turns speaking and discussing the quotes, thereby reinforcing their language skills in a dynamic and interactive manner.


In conclusion, reading or listening to famous quotes is just the first step for English learners. 

Speaking these quotes aloud to themselves is equally crucial, as it allows learners to engage multiple senses, internalize the messages at a deeper level, boost their confidence, and hone their language skills. 

So, let your voice be the vessel to carry the wisdom of these quotes, and unleash the power of utterance in your English language journey.



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