aka Multiple Activities For Review

7 Activities focussing on language fluency, pronunciation, chunking, intonation, and stress rhythm practice- Enunciation-Low-Level Interpretive Reasoning, building neural connections, reinforces vocabulary, and encourages English thinking- problem-solving, promotes sentence structure understanding - basic grammar test to determine the correctness of given sentences-  listening comprehension exercise focused on regular verb past tense forms (especially "ed" endings)-  sharpening listening skills enhancing spoken language comprehension -

Activities for Review

Activity#1: PPP@GTQ
aka Pronunciation Perfection Practice + Guess The Question

More chunking and intonation but also stress rhythm practice.

aka Enunciating Analogous

Great little quiz for Low-Level Interpretive Reasoning. (and building neural connections while learning new words or reinforcing old ones); it also helps you to think in another way ie in English

Activity#3@JUMIQ -Part 1
aka Jumbled Inspirational Quote

Rearrange all the words, then drag and drop them into their proper position to recreate the famous quote

aka NO Or YES Questions

Let’s test your knowledge of basic grammar. Is the sentence correct or not? Yes or no?

aka Listen and Then Answer Questions

Another silly acronym. This is just Listening Comprehension. Here we are looking at the ‘ed’ endings in the past form of regular verbs. (Not always easy to hear. Or say!) Pronunciation exercise coming soon.

7 'WH' Questions

moon landing flag

The 7 Most Important Words in the English Language. GTQ Look at answer and think of Question

aka Listen, Identify, Process

Listen again to the dialogue from earlier. Highlight the words you hear.

Activity #8@LAW

aka Listen and Write

Just a kinda fancy way of saying dictation; click speaker below left to hear.


Activity #9@MABS

aka Matching Australian Bird Songs

Sound recognition practice


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