Ready for the Intensive  90-Day English Challenge?

 100s of exercises and activities . Games and quizzes.  Simple and easy drills.  Mental exercises. Training in how to feel the language.
Practise these enough times and you will master a range of learning techniques and strategies to develop your English heart and brain.  Achieve too many goals to mention here.  
Your brain will change in surprizing ways.  Generating a new kind of ... Sharpness. Beauty. Flexibility. Nimbleness. Durability. Strength.  
Imagine your mind as a finely tempered sword or dagger. Hard work, determination and persistence are a must.


Max Your English with our 90 -Day Challenge for you

Develop skills you never knew you possessed.
Take your English to the next level as you master simple and easy techniques and develop strategies you have perhaps overlooked . 
 Develop your English heart and brain… Make your learning more nimble …more durable ... more beautiful
Hard work, however, is a must.

* Feel English

* Creatively “visualize” things in English

* Use your imagination while using English

* Use English to think about things from different perspectives


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Hey there! Are you what they call a False Beginner? An English level at somewhere between Low and High Elementary? Or even higher? Maybe you're someone just looking for a different approach to learning English. 
Here. Your golden "Nothing to lose and Everything to Gain" opportunity to take your English to the next level.
Improve Fluency, Develop Creative Visualization, Build Confidence and Memory Power through a selection of simple and easy techniques and strategies.  you have perhaps overlooked till now.
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Leave your email in the box below and click the send icon. Within seconds you'll have details on how to join in your inbox. And remember! Use it or lose it!


A combination of tried and tested methods with fresh and dynamic ideas

Maximize results through method optimization

Minimize learning time and achieve the highest language learning ROI

Instill learning strategies through activities and techniques that take you to the next level.…

  • Use your リCreative Imaginatエイティブな想像力を活用!
  • 英語脳 の周波数を日本人の心/性格の周波数に調節!
  • Save time and reduce し、長い勉強の苦痛を軽減!を取得し、考えることなく心で力を感じましょう。a
  • し、長い勉強の苦痛を軽減!力Speak without を取得し、考えることなく心で力を感じましょう。a


      #1 : Increases Confidence

#2 : Increases Fluency
    #3 : Develops Creativity
  #4 : Improves Retention

Some of the Bonuses when you subscribe to the 90- Day Challenge



Build Your Own Dialogue >

Building  conversational paradigms then integrating them into your own speech.  Promote English communication across cultures and through the generations 



Using 'teachniques' from The Holo-MeMe process; uses just four interlocking steps Deep, long-lasting memorization and quick recall... Dialogues of varying lengths on any topic.  
2-line, 3-line, 4, 5 and 6-line dialogues. Dialogues of any length on any topic. Memorize them from the paradigm. Sign up to our YouTube channel  for full access to all the videos and click on the bell sign to be notified when we publish a new video


ASSA: aka Autonomous Self -Study Activities

How to be a truly independent learner: learn on your own with style and confidenc

Not only the above but below.....

Subscribers also get instant access to the following


Comics, Manga, Cartoons & GraphiK Miscellanea by the Barbarians from the South

Study English thru Underground, Experimental, Alternative stories by Over 40 artists from 23 countries. 
Sometimes a little retro, a little more adult, a little more toddler, here's a great selection of works on different levels and themes. From kawaii to crazy. surreal scenarios, stories include apocalyptic post-Corona ghost worlds (I'm only half-kidding. !) are available.


Holo-MeMe Language Memorization System

Introductory chapter in the Holo-MeMe Language Memorization System* Module #1 / Part #1
You'll learn all about Holographic Memory Encoding: 
1) amazing and unexpected ways to optimize your creative imagination and potential, and
2) incredible How to improve your memorization skills in… or .. what you thought was impossible… *pdf ONLY

More activities you can do to take your English to the next level.
  • 27 seconds exercise for a super fast emotional and mental energy boostGet (Inspired by KIM WOLFF)
  • The 7 most important questions in learning English that you absolutely must know...
  • Upgrade your English EQ, your English Emotional Intelligence Quotient? How many emotions can you express?  7 different emotions in one sentence! let's do it!
  • Awaken your inner talent for English and reaffirm your inner strength with this direct and simple affirmation.
  • Which do you prefer? save the world? Or improve your English? You can do both in this game.
  • Give your voice the power and power of persuasion with a single question containing 4 words and 4 ways to say it.。
  • No more nervousness on your first date with our 9 ready-made questions. in your head! Ask and answer! Memorize to mesmerize! Be charismatic!

Introduction to ArtyEnglish

(English only)

Introduction to 

Build Your Own Dialogues

Introduction to

Memorize  a Dialogue a Day

In troduction to 

The Magic of English

Towards a Magical English

Some of the types of Acivities you will be doing:
Type # 1
Name: Crazy Karaoke Type #1
Educational Goal: Training your Ear
Level: Easy
Topic: Famous Song Lyrics
Type #4
Name:  Crossword Puzzle
Educational Goal:  Having fun
Level: Easy/Moderate/Extremely Difficult
Topic: Sport and birds
Type # 3
Name: Lyrics Matching Game Type #1
Educational Goal:  Thinking in English; training Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Encoders
Level: Easy
Type # 4
Name: ATTAT aka Anti-TOEIC Training and Testing
Educational Goal: Working Memory Development; Listening Practice
Level:  Easy
Topic:  Art and Sculpture

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